Core Development Team

Redux Framework is an open-source project with a growing number of contributors.  Along with those members of our community who provide invaluable support, bug fixes, and ideas, we also have a dedicated team of developers who have give their free time to make Redux what it is today.

Dovy Paukstys
Founder / Lead Dev
Kevin Provance
Lead Dev / Bug Squasher


In late 2013, the authors of four separate frameworks decided to collaborate and merge into one framework, Redux Framework; Dan Griffith’s original Redux 2.0, Syamil MJ’s SMOF, Lee Mason’s NHP, and Dovy Paukstys’s Simple Options.  Although many of these former teammates have moved on from Redux, we recognize them for their original contributions.

Dan Griffiths
Redux 2.0
Syamil MJ
Lee Mason


Contribution is key!  Whether you’re a user with a suggestion for a great new feature, or a developer with a bug we haven’t caught yet, we want you to be involved via our GitHub repository.  Listed below are some of our top contributors to Redux Framework.